Chicken Fajita

Presented by Chef Fares Salah – ALWADI Restaurant and café

chefChef Fares has always had a passion for cooking and food so it is no surprise that at 27 years old he is already the head chef of AlWadi Restaurant and Café. He started working as a Chef Assistant Steward in Sharm at the age of 20. This brief introduction into the world of cooking cemented his believe that working with food was his destiny. He wanted to develop his talent so moved to Cairo and became the Chef of Spectra where he started to develop and improve his techniques especially with Italian food.

Apart from his passion for Italian and Egyptian food his second passion was to live in Sharm, so when the opportunity came up to return he followed his dream without hesitation. Six months ago Al Wadi restaurant opened and Chef Fares has been there right from the beginning making delicious pizza, pasta dishes alongside some firm Egyptian favorites.

As Ramadan is coming soon, he chose one of his dishes which is international but could be also suitable for Iftar…chicken fajitas


– 150gr chicken breast
– Mix of pepper (green, red, yellow)
– 130gr fresh mushroom
– 90gr onions.
– Soya sauce
– Fajita sauce
For preparing chicken:
– Vinegar
– Onion water
– Black pepper
– Lemon

To prepare the chicken for the grill, simply add all above ingredients with the chicken breast and leave to marinate for 15 minutes Then take the chicken breasts to grill for 5-7 minutes Cut pepper and onions for medium size and mushroom Put some oil in the pan and heat, add all the mushrooms, peppers, onions in the pan for 3 minutes then add the chicken from the grill and cook both for 4-5 minutes.

If you have skillet plate it must be heated on a high heat for 10-12 minutes, so when you add the chicken to the skillet it will make delicious smelly smoke aroma just like the restaurant.


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