GCC residents not yet entitled to visa on arrival in Egypt

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Expatriates living in Oman and other countries of GCC are not entitled to visa on arrival facility in Egypt except citizens of Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Algeria, the Egyptian Embassy in Oman has said.

The confusion was created among tourists looking to travel to Egypt during the Eid holidays after Mohamed Yehia Rashed, Minister of Tourism, Egypt, was quoted as saying, “We will grant GCC residents visa on arrival facility at Egyptian airports effective May 4. Those with a residence for a minimum six months are eligible.” He was speaking on the sidelines of the Arabian Travel Market in April.

It was said that the move was part of Egypt’s efforts to boost tourism, which has been severely hit in the past few years because of political unrest.

The embassy official added that visa on arrival facility is largely dependent on bilateral agreements between countries. “Normally, if a country allows Egyptian citizens that facility, Egypt also does reciprocally.”

He, however, denied that a new rule on GCC expats had taken effect.

An official at Bahwan Travels too said that it was not yet the case. “GCC residents still need to get a visa before travel.”

He added that Omanis currently don’t need a visa to travel to Egypt.

The official added that visa on arrival for all GCC expats is applicable on travel to Georgia. The country has become a sought after destination after visa on arrival facility was opened for GCC expatriates.

He further said Armenia is another country which has extended visa on arrival facility to Indian nationals in GCC beginning this year. He added that this new exemption is only valid for Indian citizens in GCC and not other expatriates.

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