LITTLE BUDDHA – 10 Years and counting

Your Guide in Sharm El Sheikh

Congratulations to Little Buddha who are celebrating their 10 year anniversary this month.

The Little Buddha concept was created in Paris by founder Raymond Visan, famous for the Barfly chain and soon to open Abu Dhabi branch.

buddha-sharm1Their website gives a visual glimpse of what to expect; an ebony chandelier twinkles from the ceiling illuminating metallic mink coloured seats which are stylishly arranged against a rustic exposed brick wall.

The owners of Buddha Bar’s new venture look set for success.

This flair for innovative design can be seen in Sharm’s Little Buddha, reflecting the groups’ eye for a stylish space.

In the Sharm branch you will find crafted Asian objects, lacquered wooden interiors, Portuguese mosaics, golden fabrics and oriental statues.

It could be a distant relative of the old Jim Thompson’s chain in London’s Kings Road, with its collection of Asian artifacts in a restaurant / bar setting.

There’s something exciting about a place that is decorated with objects from far away lands, you feel like you are in an art exhibition or museum, but with the addition of some great tasting cocktails to choose from. Little Buddha does some of the best in town and coupled with its surroundings, is the type of place where your senses will absorb everything the room has to offer.


The owners’ vision for ambience and décor seem to be what makes the establishment so unique and special.

The chain has continued to grow giving the brand international appeal; it has branched out all over the world offering guests the ultimate electro-lounge experience. The resident DJ’s are famed for their creativity and ability to take ethnic percussions and electro beats to create unique music, bringing something special to Sharm’s entertainment scene.


To celebrate their 10 year Anniversary in Sharm, a three day schedule of events has been planned by the team.

Starting on Thursday 29th October, DJ Ravin, who created the Buddha sound, will be playing a spectacular set, so be sure to join the atmosphere where global trends and world music will be showcased.

On Friday 30th October, mixoligist Matthias Giroud will be creating some fabulous cocktails to mark the special anniversary occasion. Giroud is the Executive Bar Manager at Buddha Bar Paris and is famed for his incredible creations where he uses some innovative materials and ingredients to mix his drinks.

In our August issue, we covered his work and learnt how he uses infused honey, perfume oils, rose petals and items such as candied rock to make speciality cocktails. His recipes set him apart giving him a Michelin star chef quality,
using the kind of skill and creativity you would expect to see at that level.

So with gourmet cocktail in hand, you can look forward to a magical night.

The last evening of the celebration falls on Friday 31st October, where you will be treated to musical talent, Camilo Franko. He will set the tempo with some innovative house beats, rolled into a Halloween special which promises to be something quite extraordinary.

Experience the party of the month and the celebration of the year at Little Buddha, where three days of pure party hedonism are guaranteed.




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