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Your Guide in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is sometimes referred to as the ‘City of Peace’, so where can you go to find some? Just a short drive through Nabq Bay will take you to the entrance of the Nabq National Park, where you’ll walk down a sandy track lined with evergreen trees and overripe dates shriveling in the December sun.


It costs 20 le per person to get in and you have the option to go two ways, continue down the sandy track or under a stone arch dotted with flowers, which leads down to Mousa Bay.

I went via the track as wanted to explore, just a few minutes along you will reach Nemo Bay beach.

This part of the coastline is not built up and remains unspoiled, it reminded me of rural parts of the UK where beaches are surrounded by remote countryside and the sea is left to carve out the shape of the landscape.

The beach at Nemo Bay is scattered with cream coloured shells and pebbles with an elegant stem or two of coral strewn between. Natural beach huts blend with the scenery, interiors are decorated with colourful Egyptian rugs, these little beach hideaways are in keeping with the landscape and are a perfect place to rest.


The restaurant they have on site serves great food, you can try fresh grilled fish served with rice and tahina or half a BBQ chicken. The beach is open from 9.00am until late and it is free to get in if you choose to eat. The mountains are your backdrop, momentous pinnacles frame the bay and are a reminder that you are in a protected area.

It is a million miles away from the atmosphere of a beach hotel, here you are left in peace to unwind in a natural paradise.

Further along at Mousa beach, a golden stretch of smooth sand curves its way around the bay. You can hire sunbeds and umbrellas, or if you prefer just sit on the sand. Take a snorkel and mask and enjoy the aquatic display below the surface, where sand settles into soft peaks and shells and pebbles bounce along the seabed, pushed along by waves.

The area is a great place swim, you are not penned in as much as you might be at other beaches, so are free to splash, swim, snorkel or just float in peace!

One of the best times to enjoy the view is around 3.00pm when the winter light changes to warm gold and the mountains transform into dusty amber, offering you a picture postcard view that evolves as sunset approaches.


The attraction of this part of coastline here in Sharm is that it is untouched, nature takes the centre stage. A white horse galloping in the desert, kicking up the sand offers a focal point to this otherwise still paradise. Waves break over an unused boat on the edge of the shore, creaking as seawater swirls inside its weathered frame.

The area appeals to the traveler or visitor who is looking for authenticity and the chance to switch off and relax.

A short walk over a small powdery dune takes you back to the sandy track, with the mountains now behind you. It takes just a few minutes to reach the main road with the familiar taxi’s and blue busses signaling for your attention.

It’s great to know that you can always return to this unspoiled corner of Sharm whenever you need to get away from it all.


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