Sharm el Sheikh – Ras Mohammed National Park

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Ras Mohammed National Park is set in an astonishing area of outstanding natural beauty: a peninsula of slight proportions which could is seemingly devoid of visible life. It is located South West of Sharm el Sheikh, and the park reaches out into some of the richest coral reefs on earth. Declared a national park in 1983, Ras Mohammed contains within its humble area a surprising array of life, from the gazelles roaming its desert area to the blue spotted rays and lion fish of its outward reefs.

The Ras Mohammed national park was a mere 97 sq km back in 1983, but has grown to its present day size of 480 sq km. It extends far out into the surrounding waters, and you will be struck by how much of the national park is actually under water. However, both the land and the sea are as one here, and the tip of the peninsula is in fact a big fossilized coral reef showing a time when it to was submerged beneath the waves, several millennia ago.

However, whilst these fossils are a spectacle the national parks true splendour is to be found underwater, in the terraced coral reefs that surround the peninsula. Brilliant sea fans and multi coloured coral are abound here, formed over the last 15,000 to 2,000,000 years, and amongst these fantastic living sculptures is an abundance of life, with over 1000 species of fish.

Some of the most spectacular sites are the Eel Garden, the Main Beach, the Old Quay, the Marsa Bareika and the Mangrove Channel. The wealth of life can often overwhelm the senses of the Ras Mohammed first timer, but given time anyone can come to appreciate it for all it is, the 8th wonder of the modern world.

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