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Previously located in the steakhouse at Soho Square, Sushi Lounge relocated to it’s own site just over 2 months ago.

Now you’ll find it by the information kiosk at the main entrance to the square itself and opposite the supermarket there (it’s on the right as you come in, past the car park).



It’s clean and modern in décor, there is, indeed a lounge area where they play ambient lounge music. All of this lends itself to a really mellow, pleasant dining atmosphere.

There are no staff hovering over you all the time – they keep a respectful distance and respond instantly when you call them over, which I find refreshing. It’s a good place to take a date for a quiet, relaxed evening out.
The best deal on the menu, is the all you can eat sushi, at only LE 99.


It runs daily, from 9 pm to 1 am. If you’re anything like me, this is the only civilized time of day to be eating dinner, so they’d already scored brownie points without trying.
Small plates are made fresh (you can see into the kitchen to verify that) and fed on to a conveyor belt all through the night.
You just pick up what you fancy. The unique thing about this is that most sushi restaurants do an all you can eat buffet only once a week (where they to deplete stocks before the week’s new delivery comes in).

At Sushi Lounge, The all you can eat buffet is totally fresh each and is available every day. In the unusual event that a plate stays on the conveyor belt for an hour, it is immediately discarded.
On the main menu, you can partake of sushi specialties, with 5 listed in each category by price (12, 16, 19, 21, 22 or 40 LE). There are also special mixed platters, ranging between 130 and 180 LE. The portions are generous and they are prepared beautifully. There is also an extensive range of very reasonably priced sushi roll platters and sushi nigri.

I tried a mixed sushi platter, with a little bit of everything and snacked on the all you can eat buffet while I waited (I had to make sure it was all good for you, didn’t I?).
Drinks are standard restaurant price, with a list of special cocktails available. Better still, residents can apply for a discount card, which will entitle them to 25% off their bill and residents of the Savoy/Sierra hotels can receive a reduction on the a la carte menu. Even more incentive to try this place out.


I strongly recommend it.


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