The Advantages of Online Advertising

The number of users of the World Wide Web is always on the rise and the internet is being used by people of all ages and at all times of the day.

The World Wide Web has become one of the most utilised means of communication and entertainment. Every day we use social networks or messenger apps to reach our friends. The internet is slowly replacing traditional entertainment; the way people get their news and find information about products or services.

Online advertising, however, is much less expensive than traditional advertising; it reaches a much wider audience and will probably give you more profit. It has a lot of advantages that traditional advertising couldn’t even dream about.

This new form of advertising gives such wide possibilities, that it makes your head spin: video advertising, advertising on social networks, mobile advertising, e-mail advertising, banner advertising, Google Search advertising and a lot more.



1. LESS EXPENSIVE: A main benefit of online advertising is that it has a much affordable price when compared with the traditional advertising costs. On the internet, you can advertise at a much lower cost while reaching a much wider audience.

Also Internet ads can be viewed by millions of people as they are displayed all day and night, while television or radio ads generally last less than two minutes and are shown a limited number of times per day.

2. WIDER GEOGRAPHICAL REACH: Online advertising gives your campaigns global coverage, which means your online campaigns reach larger audiences.

This will definitely help you achieve superior results from your advertising strategy.

3. EASY RESULT MEASUREMENT: The fact that it’s so easy to measure makes online advertising more appealing than the traditional advertising methods.

There are many effective analytics tools to measure online advertising results, which helps you to tailor and perfect your following campaigns.

4. MORE TARGETED AUDIENCES: In comparison with traditional advertising, online advertising helps you easily reach a specific targeted audience, which can ensure your campaign’s success.

Market segmentation and target marketing are more effective on the Internet than any other advertising medium. Strategically placed Web advertisements can achieve 100-percent relevant views.

Consider, for example, an advertisement for a new video game placed on a video game-oriented website. Virtually every visitor to the website will be a video game enthusiast, maximizing the impact of the advertising exposure.

5. INTERACTIVITY AND FEEDBACK: The Internet facilitates true two-way communication in advertising messages.

By placing interactive ads on the Internet, marketers can use surveys, comments and usage statistics to fine-tune their campaigns midstream and maximize their effectiveness.

Linking online advertisements to social networking outlets can enhance the communication between your company and your customers even further, allowing you to receive genuine feedback on a consistent basis.

6. SPEED: Once an ad copy is ready, the distance between the advertiser and its consumers can be rapidly covered.

Deployment can be immediate as most of the time the delivery of ad schedules is not dependent upon the publisher’s schedule. Even modifications and replacements in the ad are faster on the internet.

7. MODIFICATION: Another benefit with Online advertising is that you can create unlimited designs for your campaign and change between them anytime you want, also if you want to modify anything in the ad content, you can easily do that without losing exposure and do it very quickly.

Printed advertising, once it is been printed cannot be modified without return to the printer and the old version may still be in circulation with incorrect information.

So Online advertising is arguably the most crucial component of businesses’ marketing strategies in this age of connectivity.

With Online advertising, brands can now reach any consumer in the world without investing tremendously in their marketing campaigns.

Moreover, this trend will likely continue to grow as the widespread use of mobile devices and social networks has made online advertising the best way to connect with consumers today.


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