The Elixir of Youth

No matter where you live or what country or culture you come from January has always traditionally been the month to kick-start a new lifestyle, start a new regime, re-invent or pledge to become more healthy, younger, fitter etc. and what better place to do it than Sharm.   It is no coincidence that Sharm recently hosted the 14th Sharm Derma 2014 conference which saw some of the highest qualified international Dermatologist descend on Sharm to provide a full program of workshops on the latest techniques available in Psoriasis, Hair loss, Plenary and Biologix to name just a few.

Sharm is also re-inventing its self and is beginning to emerge as the place to go for a variety of procedures which are expensive in the UK and Europe.  We are not talking about some dodgy backstreet cowboy operation – we are talking about highly qualified therapists offering a professional service – it’s a new type of tourism which can boost Sharm’s ailing economy.  We are blessed with 364 days of sunshine; fresh clean air and a vibrant energy which helps us naturally feel rejuvenated, so why not share this elixir with tourists who have arrived from cold dark and damp climates.

Sharm has a large number of highly qualified Dentists.  Visitors and residents can have orthodontist and whitening treatments at a fraction of the cost in Europe.  The other benefit is you don’t have to wait six to ten weeks for an appointment. Tourists can pre-book before they arrive, spend a small amount of time away from the beach and return home with a set of pearly white nashers fit for any front-cover magazine.  Vita Clinic has a state-of-the-art dental clinic offering all of the latest products and treatments and also has a highly trained professional therapist offering physiotherapy, cranial sacral therapy and life coaching – so you can even have your bones tweaked and re-aligned and also your life before returning to the cold.

Laser surgery for the eyes is yet another emerging treatment giving patients a spec free life returning them to an almost perfect 20:20 sight.  The South Sinai Hospital on Peace Road has a specialist clinic providing laser treatment and once again tourists can just pop in for a consultation with no appointment necessary.  If they are deemed suitable for the treatment, they can book an appointment the next day. They also have a Dermatologist who offers laser treatment for hair removal, which can be done over a number of sessions.

The other phenomenon which is hitting our ‘Peter Pan’ land is the treatment of Botox and filler injections.  There are a number of clinics offering this service but make sure that the person is qualified and uses high quality and original products. You want to return home looking refreshed and sun-kissed not like a rabbit caught in the head-lights or worst sporting a ‘trout pout’.  There are also a lot of other mild procedures on offer like chemical peels, high-tech facials, eyelash extensions and hair extensions.

If the artificial route to a youthful and glowing appearance is not for you, you can always sign up with a personal trainer.  Sharm’s lifestyle and climate is attracting more and more professional trainers who have ditched the dark and cold to work in the warm.  You can have your very own fitness guru and trainer who will whip you into shape for very reasonable rates.   Who knows in the future Sharm could be hosting their very own ‘boot camp’ holidays where tourists happily sign up for a week of weight loss and hard drills – with Sharm’s natural resources of the sea and desert I can’t think of a better place to do it.

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