Tsunami Summer in Sharm

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Summer is here and what better way to spend the day than mooching along a lazy river; relaxing and reclining whilst your boat is propelled downstream by the gentle flowing water. For some that may sound idyllic but for the teenage generation ‘booooorrrrring’; so what better way to spend the day than racing down the rapids of a fast running stream, getting sucked into a whirlpool or plunging head first into fast moving water off the edge of cliff. Whatever your preference, the question seems irrelevant; Sharm doesn’t have any lazy rivers or fast and furious rapids and normally both scenarios don’t go hand in hand, now that is where you are wrong.

Our dysfunctional family set off to prove that one poker faced ‘nothing fazes me’ teenage boy, one ‘I want to try everything’ happy go lucky boy, an ‘I don’t want to get in the water’ Father and an ‘I’m not sure I want to do this’ me can have a fun day out, doing all of the above. Yes that’s right we set off to the Sea Club Aqua Park in Nabq for a fun filled day.

After checking in at reception and getting our ‘all inclusive’ wrist bands and towel cards we were politely pointed in the direction of the park. The aqua park area is set in the resort, surrounded by the hotel rooms and facilities, in well maintained landscaped gardens.

The facilities are set out all on one level; with plenty of chaise lounge and sun shades. There is a large children’s area where parents can keep watch whilst the little ones paddle in ankle deep water, a wave pool, lazy river and the main attraction the colourful slide tower which looms down on you like a giant octopus with multi-coloured limbs.
My journalist assistant (aged 12) quickly persuaded me to strip down to my swimwear and start the climb up the tower for the first foray into the rushing rapids, whilst my official photographer waited in anticipation to snap us in action as we got spat out at the other end. Meanwhile Father stayed poolside, safely clothed, watching with a small smirk on his face.

As Jonas explains “Once you are ready to go down slides you normally would like to start with the easy ones before going on the really big and scary ones , you get a single or a double inflatable rubber doughnut – looking raft and start climbing up the colorful stairs which feels like nothing when you have a friend to talk to on the way up, once you make it to the top, you pick which slide you would like to go down and then a life guard comes and makes sure you go down safely and end up in the swimming pool.”


On Jonas’s advice, we did start with what could be perceived as the easier slide and we did thankfully end up in the swimming pool. We also decided to use the double doughnut, which was just as well as I screamed all the way down. Going solo was not an option for me at this early stage. Yousef (Photographer) then directed our team which included another young friend (Zane aged almost 9) to try the other rides whilst he ‘straight faced and serious’ waited to capture our rapture. My deal to stay in the double doughnut was swiftly changed to solo riding, as Zane seriously declared ‘he wasn’t ready to die yet’ and would stay safe in the double with Jonas. Little did I know that the dark and fast ride and the whirlpool backwards ride would pale into insignificance, once Zane got a taste for it and realized you do actually end up in the swimming pool every time.
Meanwhile I decided to take a break and convince ‘I don’t want to get in the water’ Father to go for a relaxed ride around the lazy river. With his phone in his pocket we picked up our boat and gently cruised the blue.

There were no rapids, no splashes of water, just smooth sailing whilst catching some sun rays. Little did I know that my trusted colleague Jonas would be plotting my next hair raising ride.
“When you get to the “scariest” slide AKA the ‘Tsunami’ you can speak to the life guard and tell him how you would like to go down, personally I like going in backwards and screaming my head off while doing it, you can also try going forwards or spinning, there is normally always one of your siblings or parents waiting for you at the bottom with a camera to film your priceless reaction. The first time you go down, it seems scary but then you’ll always go again due to its addictive feeling on the way down.”
Needless to say I did the ‘Tsunami’ once and only once, going forwards in a double doughnut and yes screaming my head off much to everyone’s amusement.

Jonas and Zane (who now was death defiant) catapulted themselves down backwards, forwards, spinning single and double numerous times. Even Yousef decided to give it ago and looked like it was a walk in the park. Obviously it’s just not cool to scream when you are the coolest kid on the block.


“Once you have ridden all the slides and feel exhausted, you can go and get a drink and maybe a snack, have a seat and take a break.

If you would like to ride slides again after your little break you can go for another round and ride as many slides as you like.”

On Jonas’s advice I enjoyed some of the all inclusive refreshments and relaxed a little on the comfortable chaise lounge. Father was happy chillaxing as well, enjoying the allinclusive beverages. The kids didn’t need to continually ask for things as the day entrance includes refreshments. The café/bars even have little steps for kids to get eye-level with the bar staff when ordering. Apart from the soft drinks available the kids also enjoyed delicious milkshakes – just the thing to replenish their energy, ready for the next round.
There is so much to do and something to suit everyone and various ages. Just before lunch we were invited to join the aqua aerobics by the animation team, we dipped in the wave pool and had a game of giant chess and then tucked into a plentiful lunch of burgers, pizza, hot dogs and chips. Everyone really enjoyed the Sea Club Aqua Park experience, whether it’s to relax, run wild or cruise, you know everyone is in safe hands.
As Jonas said “Sea club Aqua Park is one of the best water parks, whether you want to go by yourself or with a friend, once you enter, you can instantly feel the warm breeze as it contacts with your body, you can see children and adults having fun going down dozens of slides with that giant smile on their faces.”
Sea Club Aqua Park is open 7 days a week. There are various day passes available with different all-inclusive offers. The staff are very friendly, helpful and professional and the grounds are well maintained and clean. Aqua Park is a great family outting and it’s just so nice to escape the down-town heat of the bay and get up to Nabq for the day.



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