PATAYA – The Nabq Beach Clubbing Experience!

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PATAYA – The Nabq Beach Clubbing Experience!

People may be saying that these days tourism is slow in Sharm but I saw no evidence of that at Pataya Beach Club.

The place was full (without being crowded). According to Marco, the manager, there can be 300 or more extra bodies in there on a normal night.

It’s located at the north end of the main road in Nabq and is part of the Laguna Vista hotel. You really can’t miss it, since there are 2 large, well lit signs at the street entrance. If you take a taxi, you’ll have to walk from the road to the entrance of the club itself. If you bring your car, you can drive down to the parking facilities just outside the club.


Pataya has been open for 9 years and as the name implies, it has a beach, which is open from 7:00 am, 7 days a week, with deep house sounds all day and romantic dinners on Fridays.


The club night is on Tuesdays and opens at 11:30 pm. Although you won’t be able to use the beach, you might want to wear, your swimming costume under your clothes, as there is a small, shallow pool you can sit and cool off in on those hot summer nights. The club boasts 5 separate bars, including an all inclusive bar, where you can pay a fixed price for your drinks for the evening and one that serves exclusively imported spirits (for the more discerning among you). There are 2 VIP areas, with comfortable sofas and chairs, either side of the dance floor. The restaurant serves seafood and barbecue, day and night.
Drinks are a little cheaper than you’d expect for a club in Sharm, with a 15% reduction for locals.


Just bring some proof of residency ; CDWS card, passport with 1 year visa, ownership documents for your property (only joking)….., whatever.

The Tuesday that I went, there were already some people sitting at the bar but people started streaming in at about 11:50 and by 12:15, the place was swinging, with an estimated 600-700 happy clubbers dancing the night away to the
club’s trademark mixture of house and EDM.
The sounds were lively but not too harsh. Just good solid beats to dance to. The atmosphere was friendly and genial and the dance floor was full of people enjoying themselves.

Podium dancers gave the crowd a show throughout the night and kept the people moving.
Pataya is a pleasant change from the indoor club scene, and the windier/cooler weather of Nabq makes it a perfect choice for those hot August nights.

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