Sharm El Sheikh’s Newest Luxury Resort

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Sharm El Sheikh’s Newest Luxury Resort

SUNRISE’s mission has always been to create havens that cater to the tastes of all kinds of travelers and adventurers, paying heed to all aspects of hospitality to maximize fun, luxury, comfort, and relaxation. In this spirit, SUNRISE is introducing a brand-new concept in its latest addition at the prime location on Shark’s Bay: White Hills Resort.

The resort is situated at the world-famous diving spot, Ras Nasrani, where you can awe at the colorful marine life and encounter rare sea creatures found nowhere else in the world.

If neither diving nor snorkeling appeal to you, the kaleidoscopic reefs are clearly visible from the surface of the crystal waters of the Red Sea and the scene will undoubtedly blow your mind.

In an attempt to create the ideal place for those who seek to discover something unique in a luxurious and family-friendly environment, White Hills Resort is their go-to with its innovative concept introduced for the time in Egypt.

In addition to almost innumerable pools, activities offered include luxury spa treatments, beach sports, kid’s club, and night life entertainment.


Upon check-in, be prepared for the splendid ambience of the White Hills to overwhelm you.

A wide choice of rooms and suites await you, including Deluxe Jacuzzi and Deluxe Swim-Up Rooms on the pool, as well as Royal Suites.

You will have the choice of pool or sea views, including a private swim-up accommodation.

Once you enter your room of choice, the busy world you left at home will be set on hold, and you’ll be left with the utmost fun and comfort.

As you wander the resort and enjoy the mesmerizing external views blended with White Hills modernist interior, you’ll come across a nice selection of à la carte restaurants serving the best international tastes and bits from all around the world, the Egyptian, Asian, Mediterranean and Seafood along with other gourmet restaurants.

Offering “Premium All-Inclusive” service, you will be greeted with a glass of champagne as a welcome and will enjoy daily minibar refills, unlimited visits to à la carte restaurants, as well as premium & imported alcohol.



Visitors staying in Royal Suites will delight in the Royal Club privileges. Butler service, exceptional fine dining at Le Posh restaurant, and euphoric pool overlooking the beach with its own bar serving you the best blends and cocktails nonstop.

With multiple hustle-free adults-only venues, you’ll get to enjoy the serenity of the setting and its blissful atmosphere, guaranteed to untie all your strains and stress in a matter of seconds.

Between a luxurious stay, unparalleled amenities, astounding natural views and delightful dining ventures, White Hills offers an experience that will never be matched.


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