2021 DIVE Travel Awards – Two Weeks Left to Vote!

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2021 DIVE Travel Awards – Two Weeks Left to Vote!

There are two weeks left to vote for your favourite scuba diving destinations, dive centres and resorts and liveaboards in the 2021 DIVE Travel Awards. As is always the case, there have been some notable last-minute moves, and a solid bit of campaigning could make a lot of difference to the results…

The DIVE Travel Awards always sees a burst of last-minute activity. It’s like a middle-distance running race – some leave the blocks and go off all guns blazing to take an early lead, others head up the rankings with a last-lap sprint. Another 18 liveaboards and 12 destinations have been added to the total list, but the dive centres and resorts category has seen a huge increase with another 74 operators added.

On the surface, it looks like nothing has happened in the Destinations category, with the top 13 places not having changed in the last month – but this is very much not the case. Indonesia is almost certain to win (again) and Egypt’s second place is pretty solid, but third place is very much up for grabs and recent voting has narrowed a lot of gaps in the middle of the table.

Previous winners Papua Explorers Dive Resort and its Coralia liveaboard have led their respective categories for some time now, but those last-minute sprinters may yet make a difference as previous winners Siladen Resort & Spa leapfrog Scuba Junkie and Dive Ninjas into second place, while Sharm’s Elite Diving and Fiji’s Volivoli Beach Resort are following close behind.

Similarly, in the liveaboards category, it would be easy for the top placings to change rapidly, and although the boats further down the table have a lot of catching up to do, a handful of votes could easily shuffle some big names out of the Top Ten.


Voting closes midnight, 31 October

Vote here: Dive Magazine


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