5 Things to Do in Sharm el Sheikh

Things to do in Sharm el Sheikh

5 Things to Do in Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is Egypt’s oldest and most popular holiday resort. Its fantastic weather attracts visitors from Europe and the rest of the world all year round.

During the day, holiday makers relax on the beaches or by the pool and at night, Sharm Old Town and Naama Bay come to life with plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants offering something for everyone.

During the day, for those who need to have something to do, there are a variety of tours available and these are five of the best ones on offer.

One of the first things that attracted people to the area was the amazing marine life and you can explore the underwater world with a snorkeling trip. The most popular destinations for the day trips are the Ras Mohammed National Park or Jackson Reef in the Straits of Tiran. No matter which trip you chose, you won’t be disappointed.

A couple of hours drive is Mount Sinai and there are regular coach trips taking tourists to the highest point in the Sinai to see the sun rise over the desert. The scenery in and around the mountains is stunning and anyone choosing the early start won’t be disappointed. Another popular destination in the desert is the stunning Colour Canyon. Travelling by 4-wheel drive vehicles, visitors are able to explore the amazing colors and rock formations of the Colour Canyon.

Cairo is always a popular day trip from Sharm and regular trips by air and road take visitors off to the Egyptian capital. The day starts with a visit to the Cairo Museum which is full of ancient treasures including the famous Mask of Tutankhamen. From the museum, the next stop is lunch of a Nile river boat before heading over to Giza and the Pyramids. The Sphinx is a two minute bus ride away and after spending time there, there is still time to visit a perfume shop and a papyrus shop before heading back to Sharm.

Not wanting to miss out on an Egyptian experience, another popular Sharm tour is an early evening camel ride out in the desert followed by a Bedouin dinner. Eating in the quiet of the desert under a starlit sky is an ideal way to wind down after a day relaxing on the beach.

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