Sharm El-Sheikh to Host Indian Destination Wedding This Month

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Sharm El-Sheikh to Host Indian Destination Wedding This Month

According to Amr El-Qady, the chairman of the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board (ETPB), a jet carrying the 337 visitors arrived at Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport from Ahmedabad Airport in India on Tuesday, according to Cairo Talk on the Al-Kahera Wal Nas TV channel.

The guests will return on a scheduled flight after the wedding, and the newlyweds will stay in Egypt for their honeymoon, he added.

El-Qady stated that wedding tourism is nothing new for Egypt and that in the past, Arabs from many nations frequently got married there, but that Egypt has since dropped off the list of top wedding locations.

Since Egypt has prior expertise in this area, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is attempting to revive wedding tourism as a source of money for the nation, according to El-Qady.

In order to collaborate with Indian wedding planning organisations, the ETPB contacted the Indian Event Management Welfare Federation-Global (EMF-Global), according to El-Qady, who also said that there is a class of Indian society that frequently hosts their weddings overseas for millions of dollars.

El-Qady noted that Egypt has hosted 49 wedding planning companies to date in an effort to promote the advantages of the nation as a wedding tourism destination, and that this month’s Sharm El-Sheikh wedding is a result of those efforts.

El-Qady added that the Avenue of the Sphinxes would reopen in 2021 and that Egypt would host the Pharaoh’s Golden Parade.


El-Qady also said that Egypt’s Pharaoh’s Golden Parade and the reopening of the Avenue of Sphinxes in 2021 gave EMF the confidence to begin business dealings with Egypt.




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