Your Guide to Exploring the Beauty of Dahab

Your Guide in Sharm El Sheikh

Your Guide to Exploring the Beauty of Dahab

Winter break is finally around the corner, and nothing is better than spending it in the clear waters of the Red Sea, where you will feel serenity wherever you go. Right next to Sharm El Sheikh lies its charming neighbor town called “Dahab” which stands for gold in Arabic.

Dahab is known for its various attractions, from its marvelous reefs and beaches to its immaculate kitesurfing and hiking spots, this place has it all. Here is our guide for you to have an unforgettable experience in Dahab.

Starting with attractions

1. Blue Hole 

Blue Hole Dahab
This one is a must-visit if you are in Dahab, as it is one of the most famous yet dangerous diving sites in the world. Located 10 kilometers north of Dahab, this natural sinkhole’s maximum depth is of around 130 meters and it has a shallow opening of around 6 meters. It has a stunning coral reef that is perfect for snorkeling lovers

2. Three Pools

3 pools
Another place where you can enjoy snorkeling and swimming is the three pools. The reason it got that unique name is because of having three natural sandy pools that are connected along the shallow shore that are surrounded by breathtaking coral reefs.

3. Tawilat Mountain 

One of the best night activities that you can do during your stay in Dahab is going on a safari trip to the Tawilat Mountain and spending the night at the Bedouin party. Enjoy some Bedouin tea by the firelight while overlooking the stars, what a wonderful view! You can also climb the mountain if you are feeling a little adventurous.

4. The Magic Lake
magic lake
This place is underrated but truly magical hence the name, it was called the magic lake by locals as it has blue mud similar to the one existing in the Dead sea which is famous for its healing properties. It is great for people who suffer from skin diseases and acne, the mud can also remove dead skin cells. The lake relieves one from any stress due to how calming it is making it a perfect destination to unwind.

Places to hangout:
If you are not really into site-seeing and you would rather roam around the magical streets of Dahab, these are the hottest places to hang out with your friends for a quick brunch or a delicious dinner by the sea.

Everyday Café for its wonderful view and unique decorations.
Shanti Cafe and Bistro for their delicious breakfast options.
Flat White, their cheesecake is a must try.

Ramez & Paola  (Italian Cuisine)
Ali Baba (Western Cuisine)
Box Meal (Asian Cuisine)
Athanor (Italian Cuisine)
Darwish Fishmarket  (Seafood)

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