Top 5 Sharm El Sheikh Holiday Attractions

Your Guide in Sharm El Sheikh

Top 5 Sharm El Sheikh Holiday Attractions

Sharm el Sheikh Holidays have become very popular with travelers for a variety of reasons. It offers travelers a little adventure but can also be a very relaxing destination. For those looking for relaxation, there is nothing better than spending a day at the pool. For those looking for a little adventure and want to create a memorable trip then consider these attractions:


Red Sea

The diving here is phenomenal and can be enjoyed by the beginner as well as the advanced diver who is accredited to deep water. The Red Sea offers limitless options for your diving experience. Its ten-mile beach offers multiple diving clubs that will satisfy any budget or level of experience. Expect to see some impressive drop offs, beautiful colors and an occasional barracuda or shark. There are many options available for the diver including day trips that are less crowded.

Other water sports include windsurfing and snorkeling, which is another great way to experience the reefs, colorful fish, and friendly dolphins. If you are not comfortable with diving or snorkeling, simply hang out at the beach building sand castles or enjoying the sun.


SOHO Square

When you want to cool down from the hot mid-day sun, visit SOHO Square. It offers some great family entertainment including an ice rink, an air-conditioned bowling alley, games, rides, and slides that are perfect for your little companions.

You can enjoy international cuisine from its many cafés, restaurants, and bars including sushi, steak and everything in between.


Sinai Desert

One sight to see while visiting the desert is The Feiran Oasis. It is one of the first Christian sites of the Sinai Peninsula and is home to the ruins of ancient churches. The rock that Moses drew water from is also located there.

Another is Color Canyon where the walls of the canyon are striped with beautiful golds, purples, reds, and yellows. It is simply breathtaking in person.

For the experience of a lifetime, consider quad biking across the Egyptian desert. It is an exhilarating way to experience the Sinai Desert. Most excursions last about two hours and begin at sunrise or sunset. It is a great way to escape the city and experience Egypt’s dunes.

Finally consider an afternoon desert safari by Camel. Your ride may not be the most comfortable but will definitely make your trip memorable. Your safari will end with an authentic Bedouin dinner with Bedouin tea.


Trip to Cairo

Your trip to Cairo should include seeing the Sphinx of Giza and the Great Pyramids. The Egyptian Museum is also an attraction you will not want to miss. The museum has the King Tutankhamen treasures, which include its beautiful death mask and six gilded coffins. While there, you can see the pharaohs Ramses II and III mummies in the Royal Mummies Room. They also house a fantastic collection of Roman and Greek artifacts from the world’s oldest civilizations.


Sharm el Sheikh Nightlife

The city of Sharm el Sheikh is set up in three regions. The most active region for nightlife is Na’ama Bay. Its waterfront offers paved walkways through gardens connecting many of the hotels in the area.

It has many open-air nightclubs that draw international visitors that enjoy the trendy music, unique light shows, and people watching. A wrap up to a night of music and drink should include a moonlight ride to the Bedouin settlements for a delicious evening meal.

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