Top Diving Locations in Sharm EL Sheikh

Your Guide in Sharm El Sheikh

Top Diving Locations in Sharm EL Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is a beautiful holiday destination with a variety of dive sites for the adventurous person on holiday. Below, you’ll find some of the top dive spots in the area.

Jackson Reef

If beautiful coral reefs and interesting marine life are what you are after, then the Jackson Reef will be right up your alley. Located in the Tiran straits, divers who come here experience beauty all around them. During certain times of the year, the Jackson Reefs are even home to hammerhead sharks. At other reefs in the area, you can also catch a glimpse of sea turtles.

Laguna Reef

If you are looking for a diverse diving experience, then Laguna Reef, located to the west of Tiran Island, may be the dive spot for you. Laguna Reef has two magnificent dives that should only be undertaken if the conditions are good. Because both are deep dives, the currents have a great impact on whether or not they are safe to complete. In addition to a choice in dive spots, the large number of clown fish in the area also attracts many divers. Visiting this awesome conservation area is a great experience, as well as, educational. If you’re looking to book your perfect trip to Egypt click Sunset Holidays, one of the best travel companies on the Internet.

Top Diving Locations in Sharm El Sheikh

The Alternatives

If you are new to diving, looking to introduce someone to it, or simply looking for a beautiful and easy dive, then the Alternatives are a great place to explore. There are many ergs that make up the Alternatives, hence its name. Diving here means that you have many places to choose from. There is a large lagoon between dive spots, and the colours cast on the coral reefs from the waves are beautiful.

Sharks Bay

Sharks Bay is another great dive spot for beginning divers. It is located near Sharm el Sheikh Airport and, contrary to its name, is not infested with sharks. Diving here will expose you to a wide variety of marine wildlife, whether you choose to dive during the day or at night.

Ras Mohamed

With 10 dive sites inside the park, Ras Mohamed offers a wide variety of options for every diver. At Ras Mohamed, you will get to observe an abundance of wildlife including hammerhead sharks and barracudas.

The Thistlegorm

Considered one of the world’s best diving spots, the Thistlegorm is not for a new diver. The Thistlegorm is the location of an iconic shipwreck that is deep beneath the waves. The scenery is beautiful, but the depth of the wreck makes it a difficult dive. Dives at the Thistlegorm should be attempted by experienced divers who are looking for a challenge.

Top Diving Locations in Sharm El Sheikh

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